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Vincent Le Saux

Mortgage Broker (Quebec - Ontario) | Responsible Officer, President

French-Canadian living in Canada for more than 20 years, Vincent has a long international experience between Europe, the United States and Quebec. Vincent is the founder of the brokerage firm Hypotheques.ca

He fully understands the needs of newcomers.

Mortgage Broker, head of the firm Hypotheques.ca
of Quebec (AMF License # 3001357148)

Insatiable, he treats his clients’ cases as his own. His challenge is to work hard to help the firm’s clients solve their problems and build their future with them.

Curious, tenacious, and creative by nature, he enjoys passing on his knowledge as a business consultant and entrepreneur.

Obtaining the best financing solutions for temporary or permanent residents as well as foreign investors is part of our daily routine.

As a mortgage broker, Vincent negotiates the best rates and most favourable terms with over 20 financial institutions and private lenders on a daily basis for Mortgage.ca clients. His desire to always do better is what sets him apart.

Many customers make the mistake of looking only at the rate, without paying attention to the conditions of the loan, however many parameters are to be considered (repayment penalties, transferability …), his job is to advise customers objectively and independently.

His knowledge of the mortgage products on the market allows him to guide his clients towards the lender who can offer the most advantageous mortgage product for their needs.
He works for the client and not for the bank.

Whether your need is for a purchase, a refinancing or a loan transfer to another financial institution, he is able to help you find the most suitable solution and to advise you independently.

Vincent also takes care of debt consolidation, to help you get out of a difficult situation regarding the payment of taxes (Revenue Quebec, Canada Revenue Agency), municipal and school taxes…j

It can allow you to use the available equity in your property to pay off accumulated debts, to implement a tax strategy (MAPA), to buy a rental property, a cottage, to finance a project.

Solutions exist for late payments or 60-day notices for non-payment of taxes.

Do not wait until it is too late, we work with many alternative lenders, private … Our lenders are accredited by Planiprêt for their seriousness you can find your freedom!