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For your loan application, we offer you the lowest rates and the best conditions in full transparency.

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5 years fixed
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It may even be possible to do better than that. It all depends on your situation.
We have other rates with other terms.’s brokerage services are provided by Planipret | Mortgage Brokerage Firm

Our different services as a mortgage broker

Mortgage pre-qualification

For people who are just starting out on their buying journey, our pre-qualification services can help you discover your borrowing capacity and secure an interest rate.

Depending on whether your project involves the purchase of a house, a duplex, a triplex… or a condo, he will be able to confirm the maximum loan amount for which you could be eligible according to your income. Thanks to this service, it will be possible for you to proceed with your real estate research in all serenity. 

First purchase

A first purchase (house, condo, Plex…) is often a first step into the unknown. First time buyers should take advantage of the resources of a mortgage broker who can guide them through the various stages of their purchase. Our brokers will explain the different types of loans and how they work, help them identify potential lenders and advise them on down payment assistance programs available in their area. We strive to make the process as simple as possible so that first-time homebuyers can find the right loan for their budget and lifestyle. This will make it easier for them to find a property that meets their target price and financial capabilities.

Mortgage Renewal

Mortgages are renewed at the end of your contract. This means that the bank that originally gave you the loan will offer to renew it on their terms. Many people mistakenly think that every 5 years you have to renew your mortgage with the same bank! This is not true. In fact, it is in your best interest to change banks and make use of the competition because it is often at the time of renewal that the banks take advantage of the opportunity to change the contract in their favor without you really realizing it. 

Mortgage refinancing

Mortgage refinancing allows you to use a mortgage loan to get money for projects such as: going back to school, renovating your home, buying a vehicle, making a new investment, paying off debts, etc. This financing is based on the equity in your home and can allow you to consolidate your costly debts into one loan at a reduced rate and over a longer amortization period.

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Louis Simard
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Excellent customer service, complex files do not scare them. Several financing options. They took a lot of time to process our file and were really patient. They listened well and answered our questions, directed us to the right resources and also gave us advice on what to evaluate and what to focus on. They are excellent at actively following up and following through so that the file moves forward and is completed in a timely manner.
Nicolas Aubrée
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A big thank you to Thibaut and the whole team for their reactivity, their listening and especially their professionalism!They took the time to explain everything to us with transparency, to answer our questions and they gave us very good advice.For a first real estate purchase, it was exactly the support we needed, so thank you! I recommend them 100% and we will not hesitate to call on them for a next project!
Florent jamet
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A big thank you for this incredible support for our first purchase! The team was able to answer all our questions in a very educational way. They are super friendly and responsive, our purchase was done quickly (3 weeks which is rare). I highly recommend it 🙂
Auréline Fallourd-Pasquier
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Our experience was absolutely positive! We were accompanied by Thibeault Coquel, recommended by a friend. We were not disappointed! He and the team are always available, responsive, and precise! They always took the time to explain each step clearly. And above all, they saved us and found us a notary when we were without one! Thanks to them, we have our first house!

5 Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker

When looking for a mortgage loan, it is natural to look for the best possible rate. The role of a broker is to accompany you in this search. As a seasoned market analyst, he or she knows the best options available.

However, there are other important factors to consider such as the portability of the mortgage, mortgage penalties, and specific contract restrictions. Often, it is complicated for a non-insider to understand the terms and conditions (link to penalties article). Choosing the lowest interest rate often has a negative impact on other aspects of the financial product offered to you. There is a common misconception that the interest percentage is the most important thing. This often hides a penalty in case of early termination or restrictions that can have serious consequences.

Mortgage brokers are paid by the lender. Their intervention is not linked to the interests of the bank but to those of the client. For the client, the service will be completely free. employees are not paid on commission and will not tend to favour one offer over another.

Mortgage brokers can give you personalized advice on how to structure your loan to best suit your needs and financial situation. They can help you better understand the terms and conditions of the loan and the specific implications of comparing the available offers.

Save time and effort: Don’t deprive yourself of an expert, mortgage brokers compare offers for you. They will search for the best rates and conditions for financing your property, saving you time and money.

Mortgage brokers often have established relationships with several lenders and can therefore negotiate favourable terms and interest rates for you. Negotiated interest rates can often be lower than those offered directly by the banks.

Even if you have scrupulously compared the offers of banks such as: Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Bank of Montreal (BMO), Scotia Bank, Tangerine, Les Caisses Desjardins, National Bank of Canada (NBC), Laurentian Bank of Canada (LBC), Canadian Bank of Commerce (CIBC), Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Bank)… your ability to analyze as an individual will remain limited. A professional will always be aware of the various offers on the market at the time you wish to submit your application. His intervention saves you a long list of appointments with different financial institutions.

In addition, brokers like have access to offers with the major banks but we can also help people compare all offers by adding many banks such as First National, MCAP, Lendwise, Manulife Bank, Merix, CMLS, Equitable Bank, Home Trust, Haventhree Bank…

Thus we offer you interesting alternatives that you cannot access without a professional.

It is important not to confuse the mortgage broker with the mortgage finder who works exclusively for a bank and who by definition can only offer you the products of this bank.

The profession is regulated in Quebec by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). The mortgage brokerage professional is supervised by this institution, which guarantees the consumer his ethics and expertise.

In addition, your broker has been trained according to guidelines and has completed an academic program before being allowed to practice. After an initial course of several months, brokers must pass their theory exam and complete an internship of several months. Throughout their career, they are required to attend training to keep their skills up to date with the changing market.

Mortgage Broker - FAQ

The broker is an expert intermediary in mortgages whose role is to allow you to send personal documents in complete security. His role is to accompany you to facilitate the financing process and to give you the details of the loan and its conditions by comparing the various offers from banks and financial institutions.

He will help his clients better understand the advantages and disadvantages of one bank or credit offer over another.

Finally, this professional can help you find the mortgage that best suits your needs and save you money over the long term with low negotiated interest rates, no surprises and, best of all, no cost to the customer.

The mortgage broker is paid by the lender. The broker receives a commission from the financial institution and that’s it, there are no other fees.

Some brokers may ask you to sign an exclusivity clause to take over your file. will not make you sign any exclusivity clause, but only a simple consent that will not oblige you to use its services. 

In Quebec, mortgage brokers are regulated by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers. They have several obligations to respect in order to offer professional, ethical services that comply with the regulations in effect.
Here are some of the main obligations:

1. Licensing and Education: Mortgage brokers must hold a valid license issued by the AMF and undergo continuing education.

2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Mortgage brokers are required to comply with applicable laws and regulations, including the Real Estate Brokerage Act and AMF Regulations.

3. Disclosure: Mortgage brokers must inform and advise their clients in an objective and transparent manner. They must disclose all relevant information about the mortgage, including terms, interest rates, fees and penalties, if any.

4. Fair Representation: Mortgage brokers must represent the interests of their clients in a fair manner, ensuring that they obtain the best possible terms for the mortgage.

5. Confidentiality: Mortgage brokers must protect their clients’ confidential information and may only disclose it with their consent or as required by law.

6. Conflicts ofInterest: Mortgage brokers must avoid conflicts ofinterest and place their clients’ interests ahead of their own or those of others.

7. Record Keeping: Mortgage brokers are required to keep complete and current records for each transaction, as required by the AMF.

8. Professional Liability: Mortgage brokers must carry professional liability insurance to protect their clients in the event of fault or negligence.

9. Cooperation with the AMF: Mortgage brokers are required to cooperate with the AMF in the event of an investigation,inspection or complaint.

10. Code of Ethics: Mortgage brokers must comply with the AMF Code of Ethics, which sets out the professional and ethical standards to be followed in the performance of their duties.
These obligations are designed to protect consumers and maintain a high level of professionalism and ethics in the mortgage brokerage industry in Quebec.


Estimate your mortgage capacity now.

Before you buy, you need to budget and know how much your real estate purchase will cost you each month.

Our brokers and calculators will confirm your borrowing capacity without obligation.

You can also use our calculators to estimate your mortgage payments.

And if you like it, call us!

What type of mortgage is right for you?

There are several types of mortgages that differ, among other things, according to the type of rate you will be offered.

Fixed rate

A fixed rate is the rate of your loan contract at signing. It will remain unchanged throughout the term. The monthly payments of this loan will not change if you choose this option. 

Variable rate

A variable rate is a rate that is subject to change according to the decisions of the Central Bank of Canada (BoC). This type of rate can be lower than a fixed rate at the beginning of the term. On the other hand, its evolution is more uncertain for the borrower insofar as it is very difficult, if not impossible, to foresee the variability upwards or downwards of the medium and long term rates. 

Variable or fixed rate? Take into account the economic situation before making your decision. Opting for a fixed rate is interesting if the Bank of Canada’s key rate is expected to increase over the next few months/years. Conversely, a variable rate is more suitable if the key rate is expected to decrease, which will work in your favour.

CMHC Option

CMHC mortgage loan insurance (Genworth, Sagen) allows you to obtain a mortgage loan with a minimum down payment of 5% of the purchase price of a home.

It allows access to more attractiveinterest rates because of the limited risk to the financial institution. If your mortgage is uninsured, you may not pay an insurance premium, but you will get a higher interest rate.
The cost of mortgage insurance is more than offset by the savings for most borrowers.

Mixed rate and Cape variable

A blended/cape rate is a combination of your current interest rate and the rate currently being offered for a new term.

This rate allows you to combine your current rate with a new rate, borrowing with a mixed rate is to make a loan with a variable interest rate, which has a “cap” rate which means that the maximum rate is known at the time of signing the loan, it should be noted that the capped rate is often higher than the conventional variable rate.


Our mortgage services are perfectly suited to your situation.

Down payment, income, credit record, borrowing capacity…
We study all your criteria and discuss your needs together.

Our goal: to provide you with the best mortgage offer, with the best mortgage rate and the lowest penalties. We have over 150 combinations available.

One appointment to get a comparison of everything on the market.
Tell us who you are, we’ll tell you what you can have .

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Whatever your situation, we have the right mortgage product to finance your property.

Whether you are an employee, business owner, self-employed, permanent resident or temporary resident.
We have access to more than 20 banks or mortgage lenders.

A single appointment to have a comparison of everything that is done on the market. No need to run from bank to bank to compare offers, we do it for you.


To make the mortgage simple and understandable to you.

Our job is our passion. We are always aware of new regulations, rules and tricks.
We always explain them to you simply.

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