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What you need to know if this is your first purchase:

  • It’s a race against time.
    You only have a few days after the acceptance of the offer to purchase to validate your mortgage.
  • You may be lost and have a lot of questions (in addition to a big stress rush, as you know it is sometimes difficult to get an offer accepted).
  • This is the biggest investment of your life, you must not fall into traps that will make you lose a lot in the end. (Like some services that are too fast, not very personalized and that promise you the moon without knowing you) The lack of advice, of comparisons between banks could cost you a lot! accompanies hundreds of people every year in the purchase of their first house or condo.
We are used to managing all types of files for all profiles (Employees, self-employed, temporary or permanent resident, etc….)

Entrusting us with your financing project is like having a high-flying lawyer represent you in the creation of a part of your wealth. The service is free. You pay nothing, before, during or after. We guarantee it.

‍Relax, we do everything for you. And we explain to you every step of the way what’s going to happen.

Marjorie Fiset (who almost lost her house)
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"A friend referred Thibaut Coquel to when we were in the process of losing our purchase. He simply saved our file and allowed us to buy our first house. Super professional service, available and fast team, easy to upload papers on their web platforms. We highly recommend!"

How does it work?

With you won’t get neutral advice that is given to everyone. But proposals tailored to your everyday life designed for you.

Imagine you wanted to buy a car, would you want to be told how a driveshaft works or would you want to be offered models that are made for the life here and for the use you are going to make of it?

We find the best deals for you. Great rates, loan terms, down payment strategies with the right lender, all while leaving you many options.

Getting the best rate is sometimes not wise for your life goals. What you need is the best mortgage offer. 

What we’re looking for: the most attractive rate combined with many advantages.

‍Again, there’s no point in having the world’s fastest Formula 1 without any comfort or space if you just want to drive through Quebec during the winter with your significant other. 

In a few hours we can offer you the best solutions.

We propose, you choose with full knowledge of the facts, no obscure clauses, or small lines it is guaranteed!

We’ll explain the terms and conditions and why we think a particular offer makes sense for you and your family’s future. You will always be in control, and you will decide which option to take.

We ask that you be quick to send us your supporting documents because the sooner we have them, the sooner we can deposit them with the lender you choose.

Moreover, one of our great strengths is to present a perfectly prepared file in its best light to guarantee the acceptance of your mortgage loan.

We have a very responsive professional service. We guarantee you to have every chance to get the best conditions and acceptance without surprises.

No. You are free to take out your mortgage at any institution you wish. Moreover, we will see with you at the right time if there is not another offer more advantageous for you, if it is the case you will be able to choose a more interesting option.

In less than 48 hours everything can be done depending on the situation. Our brokers are always ultra reactive because we know that you are in a race against time to get the house or condo of your dreams. We don’t want to break it because of administrative slowness. From our side, it will never happen. You will sleep soundly.

Our team is available according to your time constraints.

Premier achat rappel
Nathalie Begaudeau
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"A BIG THANK YOU to Vincent for his listening, his professionalism, his advice and his availability as well as to his team. He accompanied us throughout the purchase process, got us a great mortgage even though our file was a bit complex. I recommend the team 100%."


The difference

Still think going directly to your bank is the best option?

Ask them what they will do for you in this new adventure and compare with our services.


Personalized accompaniment from A to Z we are there at every step


Choice of financial product among several banks and mortgage lenders


Meeting to discuss your project


Choice of financial product among several banks and mortgage lenders


The service is free for the customer (we are paid by the bank)



Explanations and support before anything else.

If you are a first-time buyer, your main concern should be to manage your integration into the real estate market and to get the best conditions. Not to have absolutely the best and lowest possible rate.

It’s often that first stepping stone purchase that will allow you to make lots and lots of money over a lifetime.

Failure to do so will mean losing a few years of gains.

Often for a first purchase, you are alone and lost.

That’s why our brokers are here to talk to you, explain to you and envision the future with you. Take advantage of it, it’s free.

Michael Baudin
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"We received very good advice and the team is very responsive and efficient! This was our first experience withmortgages in Quebec, Thibaut Coquel answered all our questions and I highly recommend him!"


What down payment do I need?

To answer this simple question, we need to talk with you and understand your situation.‍

Sometimes 5% or 10% is enough to access the property.
It all depends on your situation and your project.

What you need to know is that in most cases, a 5% down payment is enough to become a homeowner.

This down payment can also come from your RSP !
With HBP (Home Buyers’ Plan), you could even save a lot.

While waiting for our meeting, you can also use our calculator tools to estimate the cost of your mortgage.


Still think going directly to your bank is the best option?

Why not take the time to compare, it is often one of the most important purchases of a lifetime!
By contacting us you will have access to more than 20 banks and lenders.

Simply complete this form and one of our brokers will contact you as soon as possible.



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