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The mortgage pre-approval is the essential estimate that confirms your ability to borrow.

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You need a mortgage pre-qualification for :

  • Knowing concretely how much you can buy
  • Be able to discuss with the seller and have your offer taken seriously
  • Obtain a rate guarantee.
  • Gather all the initial documents needed for the purchase.
Combien vous pouvez emprunter ?


Really know how much you can afford to buy:

While you can already estimate your mortgage payment with our tools and calculators to get an idea of the cost of your mortgage, that doesn’t mean the bank or lender will see it the same way.

Mortgage pre-qualification (also called pre-approval) is kind of the opposite. The bank tells you how much they would be willing to lend you based on your situation.

The mortgage pre-qualification process allows us to know and refine your borrowing capacity according to two budgets:

  • That of the bank, by respecting the ratios (mortgage insurers, banks)
  • But also the one that suits you, according to your personal budget.


Really know how much you can afford to buy:

To obtain it you will have to provide us with certain information such as proof of salary, residence, family income. etc…
The information is different for each type of profile (Quebec employee, self-employed, newcomer, etc…)

A meeting with our team is necessary.


GUARANTEE YOUR RATE for the next few months!

Yes, it is possible to lock in a rate before you buy.

and no, there is no hidden trick, it is possible according to the banks to obtain this rate guarantee and up to 12 months.

Pre-approval allows you to lock in a rate for a future purchase without commitment on your part.

  • If rates go up, you’re safe.
  • If it goes down, then your rate goes down too.

So you’re sure to get the best of both worlds.
You win both ways with a pre-approval.

Not to mention that it takes the stress out of seeing rates rise without having time to visit.

For the next few months, you can be secure in the knowledge that you will be able to visit and make offers with peace of mind.


Start preparing your file.

One thing that is quite overlooked by people who don’t have someone accompany them is putting together all the necessary documents for the final file before the offer to purchase is made.

Once you have made your offer to purchase and it has been accepted, you enter the final sprint. The most stressful for many of you.

You have about 12 days to clear your mortgage. Every day counts.
‍At we are always working on a just-in-time basis. We are used to procedures, we know how to work fast.

But for that, we need all your supporting documents. Imagine if you had to provide us with a letter from your employer stating your position and salary.
What happens if they are not responsive in a few days?

You might lose your place in the race to get your dream house stupidly.

Pre-qualification is a good way to start setting everything up and be serene afterwards.

Commencer à préparer votre dossier

Frequently asked questions about mortgage pre-qualification (or pre-approval)

Everyone who wants to buy a property should have one.

Your real estate broker will be the first person to ask you for it.
It will then be presented to the seller during the offer to purchase. This document will confirm that you have seriously validated your borrowing capacity.

If we have all the requested documents, within a few hours you can get it.
However, we need the documents and it may take several days to get them.
Do not wait until the last moment to come to us. It may be too late.

mortgage pre-qualification: this is an estimate of the maximum loan that a lender could grant you; A mortgage pre-approval: this is a form of commitment on the part of the lender, and is conditional on your situation not changing and on the value of the property you are going to buy being supported by the insurer or appraiser at the time of the application for financing

No. You are free to take out your mortgage at any institution you wish. Moreover, we will see with you at the right time if there is not another offer more advantageous for you, if it is the case you will be able to choose a more interesting option.

We will provide you with the pre-qualification or pre-approval mortgage that corresponds to your needs. However, if your search evolves (Condominium, Duplex, Triplex, Single family home…) it is likely that your borrowing capacity and certain factors will influence your borrowing capacity (upwards or downwards), we will remain at your disposal during the process to evaluate with precision what you can obtain.


Policy of transparency and understanding.

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